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Electronic Scales and balances-ole fashioned

Yes they seem to be but why??? I only get a few questions some
days??? Anyway I enjoyed the rambling…What a back ground you
have!!! I have a scale in a box that you screw the main pole into
and then onto that you add the two pans on chains… But have to be
sure there is no moving air around… Like a fan in the summer and
the heat fan in the winter… .Other then that it always comes out
ok and my gold alloys work great… Enjoyed you letter tho… …
thanks calgang PS my brother in law has one of those same scales
with a glass cage he also got when they threw out the old quote
unquote scales for the new electronics in the Science
classes…Lucky… I can’t get it away from him… sad to say…as
it sets in the living room as a piece of “what” to his quests…