Electroforming vendors?


I’ve been a lurker and enjoyed reading other’s posts! Thank you all
for yourgenerosity & interesting dialogues.

So, now I need to pick your brains.

I need to produce a custom large-linked 18KY bracelet, & I think the
most appropriate production method is electroforming. (I however
have no ability todo this in-house, & no “production” experience
either with electroforming.)

Can anyone recommend a vendor who could help me with this project?

I can’t seem to find any resources-vendors to work with-- even
though this IS a standard industry production technique!

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

PS- I’m in the US.

Jane- An electroformed bracelet will not stand up to wear. Electro
forming leaves a very very thin layer of deposited metal. Lovely to
look at, but only suitable for earrings or necklaces. The bracelet
would last for maybe a couple of wearings before it’s dented or
collapsed even if it’s filled with a stabilizer.

Trust me on this. I’ve been asked to repair electro formed pieces
over the years. Just soldering a torn off post is a nightmare.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer