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Electroforming teacher

Does anyone know of someone in the Sacramento or bay area who
could teach me electroforming. I am looking for a weekend or day
workshop. Forming with copper. Thanks. Sue

Sue, if you get any responses regarding electroforming classes
in the sacramento area, would you let me know ??? you might try, which is AESF (american electroplating and surface
finishing, or something like that) sponsored website, which has
on electroplating, and electroforming …
there is a electroforming symposium (every two years, it seems)
that i went to (the first one)… there was one this end of
march, in Las Vegas, which i didn’t go to… but the one two
years ago i did go to… it is a wealth of and
authors and pratictioners of electroforming, etc. was very
informative, but only lectures, questions, books, etc… nothing
hands on…

thanks richard

<-- Not (fully ) understanding the rules of engagement here, I’d
like to piggy-back a question… Understanding this goes to
all… Kind of a reverse… I want to do electroetching. I
would greatly appreciate any I could get on
gathering on making (and operating) an electroetching
device. I wish to etch copper and brass for enamelists, and
silver (sterling) for myself. I would greatly appreciate[ any
I could gather.

Thank you in advance.

Greg Iverson