Electroforming on Wax

Can someone please recommend or share on electroforming
over a wax model?

I checked the archives and found two articles on the steps involved
in electroforming but nothing about using it to electroform metal
over wax.
Is it simply a matter of creating the wax form, covering the form in
the conductive paint and immersing it or does the wax require special
steps or special material conductive paint or a certain setting when
dealing with the current? I’d like to experiment with copper at

Thanks for your help.

Highland Goldsmiths
NW ORegon

Thanks very much for your help.

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You are on the right track, we have a large bath that works very
well, nice bright surfaces. If you can use deionized water for
mixing the bath chemicals you will most likely get a better result.

Check out http://www.technic.com/home.htm for supplies and for great
tech support, they had a guy in Portland a few years back, you should
ask them if he is still around.

For your conductive paint try Electrodag, there is a guy out east
who sells small quantities for about $80, someone here will know the
contact info.

James McMurray