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[Electroforming] Electroform copper on to glass

Dear electroformers

I have a problem

I electroform copper on to glass.

I have just made up new solution Canning recipe 200g copper sulphate
28ml sulphuric acid 30mg hydrochloric acid 1l water Brightners

For the first few days deposition of copper was smooth, soft and
bright. Brightness gradually dulled - more added.

Normal reading from transformed 1v approx 950ma.

PROBLEM: transformer reading 1v 95ma and mas do not increase with
increased voltalge. I have added a small amount of HCL to increase CL
ions but no improvement.

SOULTION: Your bright ideas please. I do not have analysing
equipment etc.


Are you using a copper anode? If not, it is possible your solution
may be copper depleted.
– John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

Check to make sure that all your electrical contacts from your
transformer connections to your anode and cathode are completely
clean and are making good contact … also check that your miliamp
gauge is not stuck on the voltage/ amperage that you had mentioned.It
may be faulty and with dirty contacts . Make sure all your contacts
are tight… copper can easily corrode your wires.

Daniel Grandi