Electro polishing solution for 18k gold

Hello all,

Need to get very good electropolish on jewelry items in areas where
mechanical polish is difficult to achieve and also reach using
conventional polishing aids.

Any one has a receipe for making a polishing solution ? As I have not
seen too many mentions and discussions of this process, is it worht


Back to Basics: Electroplating & Electropolishing of Jewelry
by Dr. Cris Corti
Gold Technology - Issue 35, Summer 2002

Hello, You could use Otec EPAq machine & solution

Try the Buehler website, they list many electropolishing solutions.
Cant think of one off the top of my head although I have
electropolished Au/Cu, Pt/Ag and other odd alloys in the past. Not a
common set up though.

Nick Royall

Hello, Please refer to the link for Electro polishing.