Electric Wax Pens

Hello Everyone,

I have just started to attempt wax carving and am wanting to
purchase an electric wax pen. It seems the prices are all over the
board on these and I am not sure which way to turn. Any advice on
which pen would be a good place to start and grow with.

Thank You,

I actually went through this. What I actually like better is a lamp
with hand tools. But Rio does have a “less expensive” pen setup - I
can’t remember the name right now - but it’s the lower priced of
their options. It has a red hand piece and plugs into a base that has
variable temperatures. I have one and like it quite a bit because of
the temperature control.



The best advice I can give is don’t buy the foredome wax system. Mine
cops out when the temperature gets higher. The darn thing only worked
right for about a month then malfunctioned. It wasn’t worth the

Augest Derenthal
Cry Baby Designs

Whaley Studios has a reasonable one, however I couldn’t enlarge the
picture to see more details. Whaleystudios.com

Bob Rush

Dear Linda,

I had purchased an micro electronic soldering iron which is used in
elecronic industries to solder miniature circuits, to this iron in
series i connected an electronic fan regulator or you can call it a
dimmer, and now it controls the temperature from room to the maximum
of the capacity of soldering iron,normally it is 250 degrees

I think you can get this electronic soldering iron of good quality
for $15 to 20 approximately.

I made different tips from silver wire for this above wax pen.

Hope this helps.

May all be peaceful,happy and healthy (mentally, Physically,
Spiritually and Socially)


Umesh, great idea! I love my little electric soldering iron I got
for 18 bucks, but I couldn’t think how to “dim” the heat.


Hi Augest,

I’m sorry to learn of your problem with our wax carver. It should
not be giving you trouble, please send it back for a warranty repair
or replacement.

Mike Zagielski
Foredom Sales Manager


This looks very much like a hobby kit sold by Harbor Freight for $10
to $15 ( don’t know part # right now) and a router speed control (
light dimmer) they sell for about $13. These are what I use not
fancy- but they work.


I re-organized my studio a couple of months ago, and freed up a
bench for wax work. I had collected three wax pens, so I plugged them
into an power strip and plugged that into an off/on foot switch. I
turn on the power switch to the wax pen that I want to use, and
select the temperature setting, and use the foot switch to turn it
off and on, giving me additional control over the wax melting
temperature while I am working. I have different tips on each wax
pen, I just turn on the one I need. I used to have just one pen on
the foot switch, this was easier than trying to remember the location
of three foot controls…

Rick Hamilton

The Harbor Freight heat pen is called a hobby tool kit item 38593
$9.99 today will be higher sometimes. The control is Router speed
control item 43060 $159.99 today was $12.95 recently and will be
again. Special tips can be made by silver brazing wires or whatever
to 8-32 brass screws .