Electric soldering machine

Hello Orchidians, I would like to thank all the people who responded
to my post about store promotions. Ya’ll gave me lots of great ideas
and those ideas begat more ideas. Looks like this week I’ll be up and

I do have another request: When unpacking several boxes of tools, I
came across an electric soldering machine, the type with a dial and
the carbon rods. I purchased this in a package deal with some other
jewelry tools and don’t know how to use it. Does anyone have a manual
they could copy for me or any on its use. I used one
about 25 years ago but the ole brain “ain’t what it used to be” and I
would prefer some working knowledge before experimenting on my own. I
am wanting to use this machine to solder earring posts on sterling
silver cast items so any help in that area would be appreciated.
Thanks advance for your help. I am very glad a resource like Orchid

Robert Kardow
Robert James Jeweler

robert - see if you can find the manufacturer online - then look for
an address on the unit somewhere, even a city will give you an area
code to try i’ve had success with both of those trys. if
neither of those efforts work put the unit on top of a cabinet & cuss
at it every day instead of the cat. ive

Robert, You could try looking in a tool catalog and find a company
that sells the unit you have and call requesting a booklet of
instruction. I did that with RIO. Thomas

Since we’re talking about electric soldering machines, I’d like to
make a request. A few years ago I bought a used “Hot Spot”. A type of
electric soldering machine that Rio sells to solder jump rings. When
I need to replace the little carbon electrode end I’ll have to buy a
package of about 25 for around $50. At the rate I use it I’ll be
over 120 years old before I use them up. Anyway, if anyone out there
would like to sell me one or two carbon replacement things for the
Hot Spot that Rio sells please Email me. I could use a couple. Thanks fellow Orchidites. NET

There was a thread recently about an electric soldering machine
(someone found one in a yard sale) . It sounds like it would make
soldering jump rings easier. Would this be a reasonable investment
for someone faced with the daunting task of soldering thousands of
jump rings? What are the problems/advantages of using one?
Thanks, Cathy Icardo

I have read good reports in the archives, but none list a specific
machine. I am looking into the less expensive models like the $235
Electric Soldering Machine (Rio '03 catalog Pg355). Can anyone tell
me what is the maximum gauge stock that can be soldered with this
machine? I am looking at it for use in making chains,Fine,sterling
and maybe gold/gold filled eventually. I realize it isn’t going to be
as good as a 1 to 3 thousand dollar welder, but will it work well
enough for small scale chain production? Also,I read in the archives
about someone using a soldering machine for fusing small gauge
wire… would this particular one work on 22 gauge Fine silver? Last
question, I know that they suggest/require Optiflux, is there going
to be a firescale problem with sterling? I am thinking that with a
localised fast heat source it may not be an issue, but I don’t know
for sure.


BTW: Thanks for all of the replies to my newbie questions, this list
has proven to be a tremendous help.

I was forced to use one of the electric soldering machines like the
one you are describing, I personally don’t think they are worth the
money unless you are in an area that has restrictions against
dangerous equipment, that would be a torch preferably either the
tried and true Hoke Oxy Acetylene jewelers torch or my preference the
Smith mini torch either Oxy Acetylene or if you aren’t going to do
extremely fine work Oxy Propane which while lower in temperature is
far cheaper to use than Acet. As far as doing any type of production
with the electric welder I think you could just about forget that
they are slow, but they don’t leave a lot of fire scale but then
again neither does a gas torch if you use the proper flux and you can
actually solder finer / smaller chains with the smiths torch using
Oxy Acet. And a number 2 tip than you can with the electro welder and
you would spend just about the same money and have a far more useable
tool, I have three of the smiths in my shop. One bench had a Hoke but
nobody wanted to use it they all wanted the smiths, The Hoke is a
good torch, they have been around many years but the little torch is
easier to adjust and has less hand fatigue Just my opinion

Hi Joe, I have an electrict soldering machine, but I think it is a
beefier model than the on Rio sells. I can solder up to 14 gauge
rings with mine. As for fusing fine silver a torch is better and
faster. Vince, Eugene, OR.

Hi Joe, I have an electrict soldering machine, Vince, Awhile back
there were some request for info on how to use an electric soldering
machine,one was mine. Can you direct me as to how to use the thing?
Offline would be fine, but I think others would like to hear too.
Thomas Blair @Island_Gold_Works

Hello Thomas Rio Grande has for sale a video that shows how to use
the electric soldering machine part #560 127 $34.00USD.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady) K.I.S. Creations
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