El Cheapo investment wax steamer

We were given an electric rice cooker for Christmas a few years ago,
and anyone who has had one of these knows to well that they are
great for taking up storage space as they are more of a pain to use
for making rice than they are worth.

But being adventurous the other night I decided to try an
experiment. To my surprise it worked quite well. I poured the water
to just below the top of the rack included for steaming veggies,
placed my casting flask upside down upon the rack and placed the lid
on the cooker.

Now the downside is mine shuts off automatically after around 15
minutes, and needs to be topped off with water by then as well. The
upside is that it works great even with demanding attention every
1/4 hour, and its cheap cheap cheap! The one I have was free, but
they dont cost much more than 2o bucks at Walmart, if even that
much, and I constantly see them at GoodWill at prices as low as 2

Sure, its not the fancy stainless model that sells for 400 dollars,
but it does the trick.

Daniel Hamilton St. Louis Mo

One question that was posted to me when talking to a fellow artist
was related to the dangers of dry steam -vs- wet steam. I haven’t
had a chance to try my roaster out yet. Is this the reason for
waiting before placing the flask into the kiln? The directions
received were to wait about 1-2hrs depending on the size of the flask
before placing them in the kiln.

Terri Collier
Terri’s Place
Dallas, TX