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Eilat Stone


Does anybody know about Eilat Stone? Where does it come from?
Please help?


As memory serves, Eliat stone comes from the area around Israel
and is a copper mineral. You might want to check the Orchid
archives, there was a thread on this subject roughly a year ago.



Eliat Stone is more commonly known as Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla
is found in the oxidized zones of copper deposits. When mixed
with malachite, it is known as Eliat Stone, referring to the Gulf
of Aqaba where it is found. The hardness of Chrysocolla can vary
from 2 to 7, depending on the amount of quartz in the aggregate.



Eliat stone is from Israel and is a rock made up of blue/green
copper minerals principally. It is similar to Shattuckite and
other chrysocola / malachite / azurite / cuperite etc stones from the
Southwest (Arizona?)

Check with a rock shop, especially if it’s run by an oldtime
rockhound, for the chance to see some of the similar stones.

Dan in humid Indiana


vicky - the eilat -eliat -elait - stone, according to what i was
told before i started cutting that rough because it is so
elegant looking finished, comes only from the negev desert on
the israeli border. it’s been called something like the ‘king
solomon’ stone also. what i have always looks as though someone
put chrysolla, malachite, azurite, rock quartz & some parrot
wing into a blender. ive


Hi Vicky,

Eilat Stone is according to Schumman in Gemstones of the World -
Intergrowth of chrysocolla with turquoise and malachite found
near Eilat Israel.

It is a fairly soft stone similar in characteristic to the
various component stones. From what I under stand they are even
some ancient references to this material so it has been mined for
a fairly long time.

Hope this helps,
Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rock



I had occasion to look for Eilat last fall in Tucson. I learned
it’s from Isrial and is named after a town there. It’s simular in
apprarence to turquoise but more intense in color. Beautiful
blue/green. I was unable to find that specific material however
and substituted another. It’s actually a combination of Peruvian
chrysocolia/malachite, Has no specific name unto itself.

New Era Gems
14923 Rattlesnake Road
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(800) 752-2057

If you only need a small piece, I have about 5 lbs. and would be
happy to send you some. I could also cut it for you Best wishes;
Steve Klepinger


Eilat stone is the national stone of Israel. It is a mixture of
mallechilte and lapis lazuri and tourquoise in colour. It is
found in the King Soplomon’s mines of Eilat in the south of
Israel. There are no two stones exactly alike. For example, even
a pair of earrings or a string of beads or a bracelet the
stones will appear similar but on close observation will appear
very different. You can take and set it in either gold or silver.
It is a relatively inexpensive stone. If you want I can try and
arrange to send the ‘raw’ stone. A fee will be worked out if I
am successful. Note: to send you already premade jewellery with
eilat stone will be much easier.

Hope this helps,
Linda Rappaport
Tiberias, Israel


Hi Vicky, Eilat Stone is a mixture of several different copper
minerals - generally including azurite, chrysocolla,
pseudomalachite, and turquoise. The stone has been collected
since ancient times at a copper mine located just north of the
city of Eilat, Israel. I assume from your email address that you
won’t have too much trouble finding Eilat. According to
legend, the mine which produces Eilat Stone was established
during the reign of King Solomon. If you can find a museum or
library in Eilat which specializes in local history, then you can
probably find out the exact location of the copper mine. I would
love to hear what you discover! -Pete Steiner- Buffalo, New York
State, USA


We just had something of a discussion about that on
rocks-and-fossils. turns out it comes from Eilat (hence its
name), which is the southernmost point in Israel. (It’s also
called Israel Stone.) It is said to be bright green. Not sure
about its composition. But I know there are copper mines in that
area (a friend sent me a piece of the ore), so it could possibly
be a copper mineral of some kind. But it looks like there is a
caveat involved: it’s apparently (been made into) one of those
things that tourists feel they just “must have” (I think it is
supposed to bring you good luck, or something like that) – and,
due to the demand, and the apparent general spirit of
"entrepreneurship", apparently the demand has outstripped the
supply, and lot of it has shown up which is of, shall we say,
“doubtful origin”. Margaret @Margaret_Malm


from all info I’ve received , most of the Eilat stones sold to
tourists in Israel nowadays is from rough imported from some
dealers in Arizona as the mines in eilat hav mostly closed for
lack of raw , unless someone found a new seam Leon kusher