Egyptian pendant

I recently bought a piece from a thrift store and have no idea what it
is…maybe you can help…I’ve been trying to research it but I haven’t
found anything??

I’t a pendant about 1" X 1.25" the top part shapes up in a point with the
number 32 in gold etched in black and the bottom part which is on a hinge
is more square.

in the middle of the bottom part is large silver and round and has an
egyptian pharos head etched out of a brown stone with a 5 point star under

that silver round piece lifts up and you can now open it up 3 gold points
on hinges (triangles). In the middle of the inside it is etched in gold
and red with a type of cross with a smaller cross in the middle with a
white possibly flower and green etched lines (maybe vines)…on the bottom
point that points down the words etched in black are AAONMS (I think)…on
the left point etched in black and red and looks something of a cup in red
and on the right point etched in black and gold is a pyramid, a 5 point
star and a moon in gold

If i close it up again, on the back of the top point it looks like a
hebrew or arabic letter that looks sort of like a 7 and in the middle a
round piece in silver again is a sort of two headed eagle…

any ideas on what this could be??? I had to buy it because I’ve never
seen anything like it before… It would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, The description reminds me of some Masonic jewelry. Perhaps a Shriner
might offer some insight. Regards, Judymw

What you have is a piece of Masonic regalia - I can’t identify the exact
purpose from your description, but the 32, the Egyptian elements, the rose
cross, etc. are all Masonic symbols. Hope this points you in the right

your egyptian themed pendant sounds like a Masonic Order, 32nd Degree
piece. each little item you described would be symbolic to the branch of
masonry the owner participated in.

Aloha, Sounds like you found a piece of fraternal Masonic jewelry (32nd
Degree Mason to be exact). Sometimes they are very well done and ornate.
Hope you found one of the nicer pieces, they are very resaleable and
collectable. Have fun.

Best Regards,

Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking

Dear PG13086, What you have is a Shriners “Jewel”. The 32 refers to the
fact that the wearer was a 32nd degree Mason and the AAONMS is “The Ancient
Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine”. The other items on the
Jewel refer to signs, etc. of the Shrine. Some Jewels are valuable, some
are not (monetarily that is). The value to a Shriner is nomenal. lol JB

Sounds like a watch fob a “Free and Accepted Mason” would wear. The
emblems represent different levels of teachings, or branches, of the
organization as well as some from the Order of Eastern Star - the ladies’
organization within the Mason organization. I am a Mason although not
very active.

The number 32 refers to a degree - a level of achievement in the
organization. 32 being the highest level obtainable from “learning” the
stuff. 33 degree is an honorary degree awarded after many years of
service. The Pharo’s head might represent the Shriners. Not sure about
that one. The 5 point star usually represents to the Eastern Star. The red
cross - single upright with two cross bars - represents the York Rite
branch of the Masons. The little “seven looking thing” (in a triangle?)
represents a level of proficiency in the Scottish Rite branch of the
Masons. The double headed eagle represents the Scottish Rite.

Anyone desiring to become a Shriner must first become a Mason and advance
through one of the branches of Masonry - either the Scottish Rite or the
York Rite. Every Shriner you see out there has gone through the process,
so it’s not all that unique. This fob probably belonged to someone who
was a dedicated Mason because it has both the Scottish and York Rite
emblems, supposedly represeting that the owner passed through both of the
Rites. The average Shriner goes through only one Rite on his way to the
Shrine (and rarely looks back).

All the other emblems mean something, but I don’t remember. Some of the
emblems, especially the letters, mean something that noone other than a
Mason is supposed to know. It’s a secret. “If I told ya, I’d have to
kill ya”, stuff. Not really, but Masons take an oath not to divulge
everything. If you are interested enough there are books out that explain

If you are interested in selling it, email me direct. I might be

By the way, if a Mason encounters a nonmason in posession of Masonic
jewelry, he is authorized to take whatever means necessary to relieve that
person of the items. :slight_smile:

I personally do not know about egyptian jewelry. However, you might like
to try contacting Antiquarian in New York. I don’t have the # but they’re
NYC on Madison. I hope it’s the real thing- a fantasy of a fellow
thriftshopper. They have jewelry and artifacts that leave you weepy with
their aesthetic charms. Good Luck hope this is helpful-Victoria