Egotiating with retailers

Hello everyone, I’m very new to jewelry design. I’ve only been at it
for one year. I plan to start taking my line around to retailers
this fall. Everything I hear on this matter seems to me to be
greatly unfair. Sad that so much of our time is taken up with the
creative process so other people can profit. I personally, don’t
like the idea of consignment. I don’t like anything I’m hearing about
this whole process and have come to dread beginning it. I think that
artists in an area should come together and start a co-op gallery.
Overhead for a store or gallery is very expensive, I’m sure. What if
everyone donated some time and money to a start up? I think a
gallery owned and run by the artists is a great idea. The only one
profiting from our work should be us. What does everyone think about
this idea? It could work the same way any co-op would. Perhaps this
even exists somewhere already. I’ve seen it for visual art in Soho,
NYC. Do jewelers have anything similar? -Augest Derenthal Cry Baby