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Eggshell inlay

Hi–I have been asked to make a tiara (silver) which includes some
robin’s egg shell inlay. Any ideas on the best adhesives, “grout”,
and protective finish for such a thing?

I’d suggest you have a great caution. Few know the laws on such
matters, but if the Federal regulations concerning the possessing or
selling anything belonging to a migratory bird is upheld, your tiara
could be big trouble if the wrong person does know the rules. Each
state’s fish and game laws must also be considered. Consider the
hot water the Secretary of the Smithsonian is currently in, for
purchasing a collection including feathers of endangered species and
must pay 100 hrs. of community service, serve two years probation
and surrender about 1,000 pieces, worth hundreds of thousands of
dollars to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Even he was in
ignorance of the law - but that’s no excuse. This news is current
and would be easy to access. So would the laws of our land.
Suggest the tiara display some alternative. Enamel the color of
robins egg blue would surely be better. Sorry for the news.