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Effective heat shield

I’m working with granulation and fusing with fine silver. and some
Russian trade beads that are quite old. I shattered two of them today
while fusing. soldering is not an option.

I had a thick tweaser heatsink clamped between the beads and the
fuse site, but since I’m using butane hand torches I think the flame
time to fuse window is too long and the beads are still getting
zapped. I’ve started using 2 torches at once, but the lag time
persists. it’s pretty clear there’s a new torch in my future but I
really hate to lose the portability of the butane hand torches.

so maybe submerging the beads in water or olive oil…I’ve heard
burying in wet sand is an option but I think fusing temperatures are
probably going to overcome wet sand.

I’m ordering up some ‘Vigor’ heat shield to try out, but I would
like your learned solutions in dealing with this. Opals and Pearls are
next, and I really don’t want to be popping those!

seems like there must be some high temp foil or other solutions out
there somewhere…aero-space industry etc.


Jim, I think you would bve wasting your time when it comes to Vigor
heat shield for blocking heat when fusing. I have used that in
soldering shanks in silver and still have had stones burn up using a
high heat torch.

The Jewelry CAD Institute

Jim, I’m not quite sure what you are making that you would have
strung or mounted the beads before the fusing/granulation. Could you
clarify how you are doing this?

Thanks, Kay

I am using “Cool Paste” to protect stones from over heating. It
worths a trial in your case too. See this link:


hello, well, if I did it right, I have a Ganoksin Blog now at:

photos of heat shield needs and fusing notes are posted there.