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EFB Gravers

Hello All:

  1. Is anyone well experienced with EFB gravers? (I just aquired a
    set and would like to ask a few specific questions about them to
    someone who has had a lot of experience using them.)

  2. If you HAD to throw away all of your gravers tomorrow…except
    for the ones you absoultely could not do without…which would be
    the ones you would keep?

(I realize that different jewelers have different needs for gravers
depending on what you do, i.e., fabrication, stone setting, etc. So
if you elect to post an answer to item #2, perhaps you could state
what you feel gravers are most important to you for and then list
which ones are most critical for you to have.)

Battle Ground, WA where it’s 6:29 p.m. and all is well.

Hi Joe and All, never used efb gravers, but I’ll give you my
preferences on gravers anyway. My job is stone setting and my
gravers hss swiss: onglette, flat, halfround, knive, whit different
sizes of each shape (over two dozens in total). But if I had to
chose just one I would keep a n.2 onglette for raising beads,
cleaning between beads and stones and brigth cutting. Allow me one
more and I’d go for a n.8 flat graver as a help whenever I wanted
wider bright cuts or very crisp corners.

However, I have seen differnt stone setters working with different
gravers achieving basically the same results. So unless it is a very
specific task that needs a very specific graver, personal
preferences developed through experience is what applies.

Regards, Fernando