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[Education] in St. Louis?

I am looking in St. Louis for a teacher, a school or any books I
may find.

I am a young artist, setting out on an expedition to expand my
knowledge in the horizons of jewelry making. I currently work
with wire wrapping, beading and have been specializing in custom
chains. ( made from wire )

I would like to learn more about gem setting, silversmithing,
and coloring metals… (silver?) Please contact me with any

Thank you,
Karin Abernathy

Hi Kathy, I am the founder of the Society for Midwest
Metalsmiths. We are a very active group of artisans interested
in all types of metalsmithing. Some of our members have pursued
this interest for quite some time and others are still in the
explorative stage. Both Craft Alliance in St. Louis and
Maryville University offer courses in metalsmithing. Joe Muench
at Craft Alliance teaches fabrication and Jan Hessel teaches
casting. John Baltrushunas at Maryville University teaches the
full range of courses in metalsmithing. All are very good
instructors and fine people. Their classes are fun and very
worthwhile. The instruction at Craft Alliance will be less
costly inasmuch as it is not a university, but a craft center.

The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths will be sponsoring SNAG next
year and we are quite excited about this opportunity. We will be
hosting approximately 500 to 700 members and have a wonderful
program of workshops, speakers, demonstrations, vendors,and their

If you would like any additional please feel free to
email me. Our Society will be meeting again in November at
Maryville University. You are most welcome to join our group as
a guest or become a member.

Razine (Ray) Wenneker

There is a simply fabulous metals guild in St. Louis, called the
Society for Midwest Metalsmiths…look for a contact locally or
call SNAG.

They hold their own classes, workshops, meetings. You’ll learn
alot just by going to meetings.