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[Education] Hand Engraving

Where does one learn engraving? Can anyone recommend books on
this subject? Any teachers out there?

Pat, A very informative book on hand engraving is one called
Engraving on presious metals, by A Brittain & P Morton.Published
by NAG Press Ltd London. Hope this helps. Linda

Check all the magazines. Remember gun engraving is alive and
well – look into that as well. You may have to travel to a more
traditional school somewhere to learn this. Or you may have to
track down someone and offer to pay for lessons. I would, were I
doing this, write up a description of what I wanted to learn,
what I would pay per hour, and that I understood I would buy more
own tools and supplies.


Another source of instruction is the GRS company, manufacturer
of a number of very high quality engraving tools and related
items. They sell video tapes, as well as teaching actual
classes… Check their web site too,

Hope this helps.

Peter Rowe

The Glendo Company, makers of Benchmate & the Gravermiester
system of engraving tools have classes from time to time at their
location in Kansas, Emporis, I believe. Sorry, I don’t have their
phone # or url. One of their employees checks in to Orchid on


Revere Academy in San Francisco has an excellent 3-day intro to
hand engraving. Info request: or web site:


Dear Pat, I am working on the same endevor. I have found The
Jewelry Engravers Manual. I found it at Powells Books here in
Portland, Or. Perhaps you can find it elsewhere. Here is the

The Jewelry Engravers Manual
R.Allen Hardy & John J. Bowman
Dover Craft Books
Dover Publications, Inc. New York

It covers everything in great detail, and seems quite through.
I’ve just started it and can’t claim great results but the fault
is not with the book.