Educated Sales Staff and Goldsmith

Hi Jane,

I have a shop that does work for about 30 stores, some big, some
small. Having good people has been the key ingredient to my happy
work life. I have found them in many ways. I try to maintain very
friendly relationships with others shops, helping them out
whenever and however I can. I have gotten referals from 2 or 3 of
them, one of those referals is someone that I really depend on
and who makes my life much easier. Two are people who had little
or no previous experience, but had tons of desire and natural
ability. I found them just by talking about what I do and now,
years later, they are really good. Another one of them is a
recent high school graduate who was the star of an excellent
jewelry program at a local school. I found him by staying in
touch with the metals teacher at the school. Another one I stole
from a local jeweler, I had gotten wind that she was unhappy so I
contacted her. She is so good, I can’t believe they let her go, I
never will. A couple others are people I had worked with before I
went out on my own ten years ago. I have never found anyone
through ads in the local paper. It has always been some sort of
networking, although I don’t consider myself an agressive
networker, just friendly.

I have also found that good, skilled people usually don’t leave
their present job for money or for money alone. They like an
enjoyable place to work. They want to be treated like adults and
like the skilled people that they are. They want to learn new
things. I tell them I will teach them everything they can learn,
and that I expect to learn things from them. I tell them that
its only jewelry not a life or death matter and that their family
is more important than any diamond ring. I have very little

So my advice is to talk to every one you can, especially other
shops, the people you need are around you somewhere. They are
probably sitting at home tonight wishing they were working in a
better shop, with you. They just need to find out who YOU is.

Mark P.