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[Economical Source] Cuttlefish bones

Hi there,

I am looking for an economical source for cuttlefish bones for my
High School jewelry classes. A google search was unsuccessful, as was
my Craig’s List wanted ad, and my budget is very small. I am near
Seattle, if that helps, but if there is an out-of-town source, then
shipping costs are no problem.

Thank you so much for any direction in this matter,

Auburn Riverside High School

Pet Shops, they feed them to budgerigars.


Go to the pet store. Parrots like to chew on them. Last time I got
them they were 25 cents each. That was a while ago.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay


I am getting my cuttlebone from: 1-800-747-9878

Large: $6.00/lb (6-7 pieces/lb)
Med: $6.00/lb
shipping extra

I buy it by the 5lb box. Tell them it is for jewelry casting. My
friend and I have been very pleased with the material received.
Remember, it is fragile and even when well packed the pieces break.

Bill Churlik

I bought some by the pound from a wholesale pet supply company,
yellow pages…pet supplies…wholesale. If you cannot find one in
your city, e-mail me off-line and I will see if I can get them again
and ship to you. How many do you need? If you have pet stores that
specialize in birds, they usually have them for a dollar or two.

Richard Hart,

I am looking for an economical source for cuttlefish bones for my
High School jewelry classes. 

Several years ago, I was looking for cheap cuttlebone for the art
center where I teach. I found an online source that sold all sizes
by the pound so cheap that I bought a huge box for, as I recall,
about $25-- we’re still using it. I won’t be there until Tuesday,
but I’ll look at the box and see where I got it, as I don’t find any
record in my email now.

Meanwhile, this place looks pretty good:

A pound of 8-inch cuttlebones is about 10 pieces, so they’re pretty

Good luck!

You want to check out the phone book for pet supplies/wholesale. Or
just local pet stores, locally in the Detroit metro area they are
going for 0.75 to $1.00 US depending on the size. Some sell the
broken pieces (generally in half) for a reduction. they are cheaper
than some jewelry supply shops. Same stuff different price point.
From the big box pet stores to the mom and pop shops you should be
able to take care of your problem. I can tell you that you would
have to meet a minimum amount to buy from the wholesale seller to the
trade Pet biz. If you deal with a pet store see if they could order
you a case or what ever next time they place an order?

Been there, and still feeding parrots after 18 years!

Hi Wendy,

I am looking for an economical source for cuttlefish bones for my
High School jewelry classes. 

Try pet stores. Cuttle bone is sold for use in bird cages. It’s part
of some birds diet.

I don’t know if the size or quality is there, but it’s worth a try.



I have seen bags of cuttlebone in the larger chain Pet Supply stores
at a very reasonable cost. Anything is cheaper if it can be found in
other than a jewelry supply catalogue!

Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA

Wendy -

I order them in bulk by the box from the local “feed store” - but I
live in a rural agricultural area ( Sonoma County), and feed stores
are pretty common here. - I think the box is somewhere +/- 10 lbs.
and has enough cuttle fish for 40 students - some do come broken -but
I just set those aside for demos. Usually costs +/- $1.00 per
student. I do specify that I want the “larger” size cuttle fish - but
I think that is just what the folks at the feed store call the size I
asked for - some any sort of universal standard.

Linda Weiss

Hello Wendy,

Cuttlefish bones may be economically purchased from most pet food
stores. (Birds love them.) Larger pet food stores often carry bulk
bins of cuttlefish bone. Aside from being much lower in price, when
you buy cuttlefish bones from a local pet shop rather than by mail
order from a jewellery supplier, you can hand-select cuttlefish
bones with the best length, girth, and texture for your casting
needs. If you phone around, you will probably find a local pet supply
shop with lots of cuttlefish bone in stock. Once you show the staff
the type of bones you prefer, they will often agree to put aside the
best ones for you.

Anne M. Kelly


i suggest that you try cuttlebone plus as a source for cuttlebone for
your class. You should be able to find them on the web. I teach lost
wax casting and have purchase from them. They have cuttlebone in a
number of sizes and i have found them b to be good to deak with. no
business relationship, just a satisfied customer.

howard siegel
laptique, ltd

Oh Wendy!

I live on the south coast of South Australia and all my cuttlefish
needs are lying in abundance on the local shores. From what I’ve
read from other Orchideans, it would probably be cheaper for you to
get them from your Pet suppliers, than for me to ship them. Unless
you think otherwise?..No, I just checked my postage guide and to
ship from 1750 to 2000 gm would cost $30.50 AUD. What a pity, such an
abundance here that I would love to share with you. I usually take a
plastic bag with me when I go for a walk.

You’ll have to come for a visit and take it home in your onboard

Cheers, Renate