Ebay frustrations

Something tells me that we colonize the Moon first, before I get
that camcorder, 

Well Leonid, let’s get the rocket ships fired up and on their way!!!
I’d hate to have you miss out on the camcorder just because of a few
minor technological problems that need to be worked out (not to
mention a couple hundred billion dollasrs)!

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC

i must disagree, though negative feedback was easy to leave it is
now frowned on for some reason-D leave negative feedback it is the
only way other buyers have to gauge the sellers trustworthiness.
Reccently I had a guy send me a litigious looking “bond” on some junk
diamonds that were less than I2 quality, and were billed as VS- they
were perhaps worth 2. 00 each if that-. needless to say I won the
case got a refund, but to date the guy [snip] is still sending nasty
emails, and fabricated this entire chain of events that eBay could
have researched easily if they wanted to - eBay does not want to-
therein lies the problem! eBay wont follow their own guidelines and
allows sellers within the period a buyer has to make a claim, to
retract their registration making it nearly impossible for a buyer to
have recourse., Paypal on the other hand is far better at researching
and getting to the issue in a timely manner- If enough professional
jewelers would write to Ebay and beg their review of the sale of not
only loose stones and jewellery but also equipment (i found one
very present eBay seller -[snip] sending out faked Foredoom, Pfingst
and other name branded equipment and tools among other consumable
branded products…Foredoom was notified and their inventory at that
time pulled, they seem to be up to it again though and more constant
supervision needs to be in place by eBay over fraudulent listings or
attempted fraud by sellers on their auction sites and through the
stores - which by the way have different policies than the auction
listings- Ebay allows this to continue…Ebay is not the company they
were…and if one owned stock in it I would strongly advise ditching
it quickly before they go under - which is inevitably and swiftly
coming. By all means if you get a bad item be brave and leave
negative feedback, or if timid, neutral…it will garner less
vindictive emails from the seller if they are registered still, and
if not a good way to track them down and take further action…Ebay
is a poorly managed site when it comes to the jewelry trade at this
point in time I saw that listing for moulds, and inquired from the
seller as to their origin- when he couldn’t answer in terms of
having made them in the first place I did not bid on them, - nor
could he produce any photos of the “lots” he claimed to have…another
red flag went up Grammaticla issues aside, it was clear this guy was
not a jewelr and found or other wise got hold of the molds he had -
probably out of a dumpster!. rer

That’s a welcome change I didn’t know about. A couple of years ago
when I “won” a fly rod that never arrived after I sent payment the
"sellers" stalled me off by stories that I should wait a while as
they “looked into” the shipping…then they had to “check” something
and so on. By the time I finally gave up and called ebay I was told
that I’d waited too long and it was too late to file a complaint.
They may have changed some but with their history many people will
just keep looking elsewhere.

Can I clarify to everyone, you are fine to leave neg/neutral feedback
as normal ebay offer the seller no protection against dodgy customers
and has no removed the option for sellers to leave neg or neutral
feedback at all/ Now all they can do is leave positive or nothing. If
you get c**p service say so they can’t do anything now!

Kind Regards,
Lou Davies

I am not timid when it comes to thieves lol I can ignore threatening
and vulgar emails it all goes into a file for his ISP.

:slight_smile: I left negative feedback because had someone else done so I would
have been able to avoid this situation.

now his standing is less than perfect others from that dutch auction
are being brave and leaving negatives too


Ebay has now prohibited sellers from giving ANY feedback to buyers" 

Actually, this is NOT true - I sell on eBay in my day job, and I
ALWAYS leave feedback for my buyers. What has changed is the range
of feedback options. That said, you can still leave a comment with
your feedback and can use that space to elucidate any issues.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


I have had very good beads that were sent on memo to a person in
Ashville North Carolina who has had several different alias on ebay
as a seller. The owmen refused to return such goods. I sent to ebay
the memeo, the actual signed receipt for the goods via certified
mail, pictures of what goods she had stolen from us and item numebrs,
etc and they refused to do a damn thing. Ebay security does nto care
if sellesr are selling stolen goods. memo goods stolen from other
suppliers, etc They refuse to do anything Even contacting ebay
security by phone is a headache and they refuse to do a thing about
such. Unfortuantely so do the federal government Mail fraud has to be
at least $50,000 or more by mail before the US postal service will
even get involved. Despite such letter that the US Postal; service
felt it was fraud and coudl nto investigate EBay still did not do a

If one watched the DR Phil show on TV there was a couple who actually
stole from Target and many stores Televisions and over $200,000 per
year That was their “job” Yet they sold all of it over ebay !!

Tells you the ethics and integrity of the people and security
officials at ebay !! I knwop this from first hand experience !!

By the way the North Carolina police and attroiney General refused to
do anythign stating it was " a civil matter" Also in civil matters
when people do not return goods via memo then you cannot get attroney
fees unless its specifically done so in your memo. Is why we no
longer memeo goods to no one. as a policy.

Lee Horowitz
Peru Blue Opal Ltd

yes I know EXACTLY about feedback, I refuse to sell outside of the
states because of it, I had a horrible experience a few years back, I
havent started selling again on eBay because of injury rehab, but
have gotten my site up and plan to, because they are TCB finally
about the cattiness of some of the buyers. Sally is right, but I
hope in the future eBay protects the sellers too, some buyers will
deliberately pick a new person to to drive their ratings down. And
ther eare vicous sellers, HOWEVER, click on their feedback to see
what how they have dealt with others, I recommend books on eBay for
newbies there, it helps to know some of the things that could go
wrongand ways to avoid them, I am new here but like the emails I am
getting, learning alot…

negatives and positives are just a mathematical rating/score of how
things went in the sale, and events surrounding…, everything
that happened is to be taken into consideration, if a ripoff
occurred then it must go down in the books as so unless there is a
deal cut out, or an apology accepted, which yeilds an amicable
parting and no bad points, the game is to be played how it’s set
up, in any case, no remorse with fair play, dave