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Ebay cyber cheats

I’ve just received the fourth and last parcel from my eBay bidding
nearly a month ago. Every one was a gross misrepresentation of goods.
The last parcel was by far the worst. Three pointers described as VS
were absolute garbage. Half were broken stones, the rest were I1, I2
and poorly cut. I couldn’t bother color grading them. One diamond
from Australia was described as down graded to VS2 because of tiny
chips on the girdle. The diamond was practically unusable. Another
diamond from California came with an EGL certificate. It was a 0.73
ct. round diamond. The color on the certificate was J but the actual
color was well below my lowest grading set color L. I’m fairly
certain the stone was substituted. It’s too much trouble to send the
stuff back and try to get my taxes back (25%) . I’ll simply chalk it
up to experience and never bid on ebay diamonds again. This all was
no surprise to me but I thought it was worth a try to check ebay out.
Obviously, the negative feedback is from jewellers, the positive from
the unknowing public. IT really is true “If it sounds too good to be
true, It probably is.” Wouldn’t it be nice for everybody in Orchid to
send a complaint to eBay. Yah right! eBay knows where its bread is

R Hood

 eBay. Yah right! eBay knows where its bread is buttered. 

This is true, I’ve been following up with ebay for a long time on a
single vendor, and they just give the brushoff. They want sales, and
don’t care so much about ripoffs.

Anyway, if you need diamonds, I have a good vendor locally that I
work with. The prices are very good from what I can tell. I bought a
0.81 ct ideal cut, VS2, E color, for $7400 CDN, which as far as I can
tell is very good. And the stone is simply smashing.

I bought a number of smaller stones from this vendor too, for various
projects (one for my Mom). All have been very well cut, and have made
their new owners very happy.

If you need to buy several (it tends to be a volume thing), I can get
a quote for you.

  • darcy