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Eating Gold

How about Lluvia de Oro, the Mexican licquer with tiny flakes of 24k
floating in it. Gold flakes are used on some French pastries. Someone gave
me some medicinal capsules from China, coated in 24k. I have heard 24k is
used to treat arthritis.

What else has 24k been used for?


Yes Alan,

Gold is used in curing arthritis too. In India we have a drug manufactured
by a company called Zandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd that makes this.

Manoj Gupta

Gold is used in curing arthritis too. In India we have a drug
manufactured by a company called Zandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd that makes

G’day; I’m very sceptical indeed about the “curative powers” of gold.
I know of several people who underwent treatment with gold - and none were
any better for it a year later. At one time I was personal technical
assistant to a professor of Chemistry who was pretty bad with arthritis,
and eventually he suggested gold to his doctor - who had to look the whole
business up in the journals as nobody knew anything about it any more…
He eventually received the properly controlled course of gold injections,
and I even visited him in the rest home where he had them. There was
little or no improvement, and the last I heard of him was that he was
being pushed around in a wheelchair.

I too suffer from that malady, and tried all kinds of ‘cures’ including a
course of acupuncture (I was persuaded and no, it didn’t work at all)
until I had to get a new pair of knees - which work very well, by the way.
But apart from the anti-inflammatories - which work well, but make holes
in your stomach… The best treatment I find is exercises designed by a
properly qualified person who knows exactly what heshe is doing and
prescribing But the trouble is that if you stop or get slack with the
exercises, you quickly go right back to where you began.

I think the best place for gold is with jewellery and with electrical
contacts! Cheers,

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At was sunny now soggy Nelson NZ (in mid- winter)

Hi John:
I guess no two people are alike, my friend now retired at 63 had
rheumatic fever that left her with rheumitaud arthritis and had the Gold
Shots and claims that that and the fact that she never had her joints
drained of fluid are the two reasons she is walking today and her
childhood peers are in wheel chairs! She said the only problem it seems to
leave her with was permanant weight problems! And I am sure in her day
that this was a very controversial thing to do!

Have a Happy 4th Everyone!
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Gold is a nobel metal and forms chemical compunds with great
difficulty so an organo-gold compound (has to be that to react with
our body) to treat arthritis sounds much like snake oil. So checked up
the trusty old Brittanica.

Quote: " Gold forms a host of inorganic compound, most of them of
little practical importance. Likewise, a large number of organic
gold compounds exist…

The second, disodium aurothionate, is used in the treatment of
rheumatoid arthritis. The compound is administered in small
intramuscular injections over a period of 24 weeks. Careful
supervision of the patient is required because the amount of gold
needed for a useful result is close to the point where undesirable
effects result. "

Kelvin Mok (

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