Easy to make SS soldering clamps

Make yourself some useful stainless steel soldering clamps.

I did post this tip on another thread, but I thought it would be
better to post to a new thread.

I make my own soldering clamps from G20 stainless steel sheet, these
clamps are great for holding parts in place while soldering. They
are great for holding bezels in place on flat backing plates when
soldering. They are easy to make.

I just pierce strips from a shett of stainless steel, strips about
100mm. long x 3 or 4 mm. wide. Then I bend the strips into a clamp
shape that suits the job. These clamps only take me about 4 minutes
to make each one. I buy my supply of stainless steel from suppliers
who sell via eBay, a 4 inch square piece will be enough for at least
20 clamps.

The links below show a couple of photos of the clamps I make and

Peace and good health to all.
James Miller FIPG

Nice. I’ve done something similar with springy steel but it looses it
spring if it gets too hot. I’ll have to try that with stainless.

Thanks for the tip.