Easy shopping cart for the web

Hi preston, I just posted yesterday about a shopping cart
program i have that will build your entire website… all you
have to do is put in pictures andwrite the script… takes
about 3 hrs. It’s called online merchant and here is the adress.

If you don’t have a website… there are programs that will
give you a similar shopping cart… but will include 6 months of
website hosting … for a total of $79.00 . (i don’t remember
the name … but it is available at comp usa ( you may be able
to find it in their catalog online) good luck … and if i can
help, just ask Daniel Grandi http://www.racecarjewelry.com

For those of you looking for an e-commerce solution, the
following link is half of my best offer. I am sorry that my
updates are a bit behind; but I have been extremely busy with my
jewelry business and designing websites for others. (my two
wonderful careers - I love them both).


However, the link above with its near 90 links to e-commerce
subjects like software, security, SET, SSL, Smart Cards, commerce
servers, malls and so on will certainly get you started.

I will point out that while there are many thoughts and avenues
to consider ( CAREFULLY), I do have a favorite.

Now I am just a long-haired Hippie Jeweler who has been
hand-fabricating for more than 30 years like a serious primitive.
And that silly ordering set up I have at my website ( which
actually works quite nicely) isn’t really much of an expression
of e-commerce strategy. So, while you might ask what is it I
could call a favorite place, understand that one of the best
e-commerce companies in the world, and one of the most expensive
in the world, is ICat.

But, if you can be truly divergent, for just a moment; allow me
to point out that ICat can also be used, by any of you, for free.
That’s right. You need a safe, secure, shopping cart of the
highest quality? But do not have the bucks? ICat has a free

And don’t mention my name. I get no benefit from ICat for your
going there. In fact, if you don’t like them, and would like to
look at some more free solutions ( with more work involved, of
course) then write to me. I’ll help you out as best I can. This
is the Internet - the LIVE WIRE. While making a buck is a big
thing; helping others is even a whole lot bigger. Just like the
Orchid here. It’s primary purpose is to help others. And many of
you do a great deal to see that purpose is fullfilled.

And if I may act a bit opinionated and offer three (3) tips:

1.) Don’t spend money when the NEED is not actually present

2.) The most important reality of a website are fast loading
pages that are easy to understand

3.) Most of the folks I know that are actually making money do
so not via shopping carts, but through email orders and E-Bay

Now we can understand why I sit in the background reading all
the wonderful knowledge you folks have to share. Real Hippies
have way too much to say all in one breath. Big lungs - ya know?