Easy bookkeeping software

Hi All, Can anyone recommend a particular soft ware for basic booking
keeping. Not the type for a large company. One for a one person set up
and small inventory. I stood staring at a wall of disks yesterday and
just didn’t know which to buy. Thanks a lot. From Sharron in Kuala

I’ve been using MYOB for a number of years and it fills all my needs
for a one man operation. Jim

Sharron, We use QuickBooks in the office. It gives me Profit and
Loss, can write the checks and invoices. I have to admit, my
bookkeeper does all the work, but all the accountants I know swear
by it. It’s easy to learn. Hope this helps.


Depends on your operating system. If you are riding the wave of the
future and running Linux, then Gnucash is an excellent piece of open
source software for basic bookkeeping.

Quasar is also available free, and is available for either Linux or
Windows. It can be downloaded at


Lee Einer
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