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Eastern Star Jewelry

Sorry to bug y’all again, but does anyone know where I can find
an Eastern Star ring for a customer? She needs the type where
the five points of the star are different stones and the emblem
is in the center. She didn’t like the buff top screw in star
that is comercially available. Thanks, Wendy Newman

Wendy, Try F.N. Kistner and Co. in Chicago for Eastern Star and Masonic
jewelry. I don’t have a phone number, as I haven’t ordered from them in
several years, but they had an excellent selection and the prices were
great. Metalsmth

One of the largest Mfgrs. of Eastern Star and Masonic jewelry is Sharf
Inc. their phone number is …1 800 645 9540…I have been
affiliated with these two organizations for 30 years. I work at
Bartikowsky Jewelers in Pa. for the past 32 years and have been doing
business with them since… Factory contacts are Jesse or Erwin Sharf.
Just mention my name (Tom Williams) and business (Bartikowsky Jewelers)
and I am sure they will help you as much as they can… Tom