Easter & Passover Wishes!

To all of my Orchid friends from all over the world!

I would like to take this moment in our preparations of these two
Holydays to wish all a safe, healthy Easter and Joyful Passover. May
our two religions share together and know the real purpose of these
to holydays. To celebrate Freedom from slavery, and Rebirth of Life
and above spending time with our families. Some of us have ‘left the
scene’ too early but I know they are smiling upon “us” now at these
pensive times. They are seeing this fantastic educational medium
grow to what it is now.

To Hanuman, I will think of you during our Seder Dinner. Your
’Orchid’ is a part of all of us here. Orchid is “our” life. To my
Jewish friends, ‘Hag Somayach’ a Happy & Festive Passover. To my many
friends here, Enjoy your Easter Holidays!

Gerry Lewy!