Easiest way to make ring blank lengths

Dear All,

Here is the easiest way to determine a ring blank length.

You need to have the Gesswein ring band length ruler # 811-1710.

This ruler is calibrated to a millimeter thickness. I don’t think
many people know this, even Gesswein. It is a well made steel ruler
made to last.

This means you add one finger size to the length per millimeter

For example a piece of material 1 millimeter thick, to make a size 9
ring would, measure a size 10 on the ruler. You add one size per
millimeter thickness.

Another example, 1.5 mm material would be for a size 9 ring, would
measure 10.5 on the ruler. You simply cut out that length and make
the ring.

It is the quickest way to make a band ring I know.

Any metal works, it’s the thickness that you need to know.

Remember where you heard this!

Best Regards,

Todd Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College