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Easier method of Bead Raising

In these 7 photographs you will have is a much easier method of “Bead Raising”. There is no need of forming a bead anymore with your round graver. All “Pre-Cutting” is done prior to any “Bright-Cutting”, all of the graver cutting is done and executed with the greatest of precision. I will have many more photographs showing this almost simple process.

Once the ‘pre-cutting’ has been completed, the next task is to create 4 beads but using only a bud or a round shaped bur. The idea is to cut with your burs, the inside little plate of metal in between the 2 holes. The cutting process is to create the cross-pattern O + O all of this is done with your #006 bud shaped bur. The remaining “inside 4 posts” are now the beads you will be needing to form and navigate over the stone.








Hi Gerry!

ok, so instead of lifting and pushing the bead over, do you instead tap it down over the stone edge? or fo you still push over with graver?


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The technique is to get your ‘bead-burnisher’ and lightly press the bead-tip forward and onto the stone. No tapping is in this equation!
The burnisher should be slightly larger than the actual bead.
The bead moving is from one corner to the opposing corner. Let’s say 4:00 - 10:00 and then 2:00 - 8:00.

Never, Never 10:00-8:00 on one side, always in the opposing corners! Has this been a help to you?

Gerry, on my iPhone

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