Earwires and Earring Display

Hi Polly, I made some interesting earring displays by taking a
piece of 1/4" dia brass rod x 12" long and soldering another
piece of rod 1/4" X 8" long at the top ( so the item looks like
a big T) The rod at the top of the “T” had holes drilled every
1/2 " so that earrings with earwires or posts could be hung from
the top bar. You can add a second bar below to hang more items. I
then took a round brass base ( from A small Lamp or cut from
brass stock )( you could also create the base from "sculpy clay
" and Harden it in an oven) and I Soldered the rod to the base(
use glue or any other method of attaching the rod for non
solderable materials. After it was all assembled, I used a flat
black spray paint and painted the whole thing, which gave a nice
contrast to the silver and gold earrings I was displaying.
Another way to attach the rod at a show would be to partially
drill a hole into a wood table or wood block and just put the
rod in the hole. You can then cover the table or block with
various materials and have the earring holder standing with no
visible base. hope this is helpful, Daniel Grandi,
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