I am trying to find a file in the past archive about soldering. I
would like to make hinges on post earrings with 3mm bezel cups on
each end of the sterling tube without all the solder splattering
all over. any suggestions? Thank you…Greg

Gregory Chamberlain
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Gregory, How many tubes do you plan to use to make the hinges on each
piece? Let’s say three, for example.

Cut the two little ( I mean LITTLE) tubes that will sit on either
side of the middle tube. Decide whether top or bottom piece will
have the two tubes soldered to it. Mark the piece where the tubes
will sit, sweat-solder the tubes, then solder them onto the piece,
using care not to over-flux or use too much solder. THEN, cut and
file the middle tube to fit between the two tubes already soldered.
Mark the piece where you want to place the tube, sweat-solder, then
solder it onto the piece, using care not to over-flux or use too
much solder. Solder a ball on the end of the post you plan to use
to make the hinge; thread into hinge; mark and cut the post to
extend very slightly past the tube; sweat solder (using very little
solder) the ball for the other end; CAREFULLY solder onto the
remaining end of the post, using care NOT to OVERFLUX. Slightly
push the ball to the post as you heat. Tricky, but an

Have not made mention of filing, sanding, cleaning above, but would
suggest it where needed. Too late to clean up the ends of the tubes
when already put in place, etc.

Good luck!
Kay Taylor