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Earring display

I need some earring display ideas that I can implement in a week. My earrings are all on business size cards. I can display them on small woodblocks with slots cut into them, but they get lost in my three shelf glass display case. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks…Rob

think on top of the box… that’s a take on outside of the box. How about rig a looped wire from the top of your display cabinet, which could hold your earrings? Some a bit higher, some dangling down a bit more, With a wire, you can customize it so that it dangles between your other pieces sitting on the shelf below? Just an idea.


Aggie…I think that is where I am headed. I only have a week to figure it out as the MacKenzie Child Artisan Show is next weekend. Thanks…Rob

Hi Rob,

It sounds like you might need more display space…I am not sure if this idea will be workable for you, booth/ table space wise, but…

I have seen people use the side (walls) of their booths to hang items…(or panels on easels on the ground…behind you…at the front corners)…

earrings (on or off cards- they do sell cards with the plastic hanger in the back…they sell the plastic hanger as a separate add-on…).

(art fair booth card display search)

(earring card wall storage display ideas)

ie, possible concepts to facilitate hanging items on the side (wall) of tent:

you could hang a display panel of some sort, down from the top rails of the tent…

Or! on a strong/ stable easel or stand of some sort (I can envision you whipping something up in the shop!)

a framed board:
board could be wood, or … (lightweight, but enough weight not to blow around…

the board could be natural wood, painted wood, uncovered, covered in a batted fabric, cork, etc

the mechanisms for hanging could be:

rows of wire/ twine/ rope/ ribbon running across…or, chicken wire grid panel…from which to hang earring cards…using…decorative mini clips, mini wooden clothspins…a hook of some sort…a hole punched thru the card, and tied on with something…

strips of wood moulding nailed/ glued across, to create a ledge upon which to perch the earring cards…perhaps with a slot routered in, or multiple strips used to create a slot or rim.

decorative nails driven into the board, with a hole in the earring card from which to hang from the nail
(i have a box of super cute upholstery nails…

see below photos for concept…could be bigger, and hange from side rails or on an easel, to maximize vertical space…

(not sure if you have pinterest, but this card stand looked like something you could whip up quickly…as a hanging, floor, or coutertop model


omg, i think this last one is utilizing shutter doors!!!
closet doors/ accordion doors


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Julie…thanks! lots of ideas. I am limited to a 10X10 space, no tent, no electricity and one table. My earring display will have to fit in about a 20" long space next to my much bigger bracelet display case. I am currently making an 18" frame out of 1X1.5 PVC molding with 4 - 18" long 1/8" rods. I can hang my cards using some adhesive plastic hooks that I have from the rods. This should work out fine…Rob

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Hi Rob,

For future ideas, I liked the below hinged idea…in that it can function as a storage/ travel case as well…
and being a 2 or 3 piece hinged unit, it stands up by itself…and kinda uses a bit less liner inches across the front…i kinda like the flap design of the earring card as well…could flap forward as park of packaging…interesting!


Hi Rob,

This tutorial sounds similar to your project…they made it in 2 hrs…holds 35 cards…used a shadow box, dowels, the back adaptors…

I thought i would share…