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Earring cards

Just a thought… I had 500 postcards printed up by a company on
the web (I am not using my computer so I do not have my contact
lists with me - but just research “postcards” and I am sure you
can find at least 4 places that offer this service) that did such
a wonderful job, I am going to have them do business cards too.
The postcards cost me $99. I thought it would be a good idea to
design a really nice earring card on the computer (business card
size) - and have the postcard company print them out. I think it
would look really professional yet still be nicely designed so it
does not feel too “commercial”.

Just an idea to share with the rest of y’all

hope we are all prosperous in the new year!!


Hi -

I solved the earring card dilemna by creating a card that was
flat and could be folded on the top edge to accomodate whatever
size earrings were created. The card does not work well for
hoops or non-pierced. Measured the size to fit within small
ziplocks (3x4") for storage purposes. I fold each card
individually and poke holes with a point (push pins work ok).

Cards were printed at an embossing service locally - Choosing the
paper was an important part of the process - took time to hold my
work up to many samples of paper - in the light I would be
showing the work. I wanted a paper that would work well with
sterling silver or 14k gold and the oxidized textures and
wirework that are in my current work.

At time of printing went to the location (at 6am!) and made sure
the matte/metallic color was complimentary to the jewelry - the
printer allowed me to have a certain # of cards with a gold color

  • majority were in a silver color. It is amazing the amount of
    choices in color. Color is imprinted with a tape cartridge - so,
    it was simple to change colors midstream. Made sure the color #
    was documented so on the second printing I didn’t have to be
    present - and it worked out fine!

I usually have 1500 printed at a time - and do the business card
at the same time (different paper tho). That way - getting a
bulk rate. The paper has to be special ordered - mine is an
offbeat grey color partially recycled content. I have found that
the neutral paper color seems to work well in a variety of
settings - if you are selling through shops/galleries - so, the
shops will often utilize the card in the display.

I think it is worth it to take the time in planning the card and
then time is free to make jewelry! I designed the business card
and translated the logo to the earring card. The imprint dies
can be used over and over - first time is more costly.