Earring backs

Help! I have a customer who does not have pierced ears, and I am
finding it almost impossible to find something that is comfortable to
wear. She brought in Trifari earrings that she loves, but I have not
been able to locate the company that would carry that specific back.
Can anyone help me?

Mary Ann Andrews

Dear Mary Ann: I’ve seen the earring backs you want, they are a
combination of spring and screwback, if I remember correctly. I
bought some a couple of years ago to make some earrings for my sister

  • they were gold plated. Can’t remember where I got them, but you may
    want to try Eastern Findings and/or Rio Grande Albuquerque. Also, get
    in touch with our Rhode Island rep, John Mathieu at
    http://www.jewelrythings.com. He’s a wealth of and may
    even carry the line of the company who manufactures the item.

Good luck,
Andrea Guyot Twombly
Guyot Brothers

Hi, Greigers used to carry those. Don’t know if they still do or
what kind of metal they are made of.
Rose Alene McArthur