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Early 70's Ear Cuffs

Does anyone remember back in the early 70’s when ear cuffs were
popular? I have two or three, but one is stamped. It’s a brass cuff
with a titanium triangle. It’s stamped in script: Bea or Lee Rea,
second name Lee Lou, last name Allen I think. Then underneath is EAR
CUFF with tm. The C of the word cuff looks like a cuff.

I’ve searched every place, trademarks, noticing that there are plenty
of ear pins, trademarked, but no ear cuffs. Does this sound familiar
to anyone?

Thanks in advance,


I lived in Santa Fe New Mexico in the late 70’s and the fellow that
had the copyright or trademark for “earcuff” was Ross LewAllen. I am
not sure of the spelling of his name, but he was the one that
promoted them in the fashion magazines and had a shop not far from
the Plaza.

Ken Gastineau
Gastineau Studio
Berea, Kentucky

Hi Dinah,

I think the name is Ross Lewallen. The last I knew he was in Santa
Fe, NM. At one time Ross had a trademark for “Ear Cuff”.

I hope that helps you.
Jim Miller

i make earcuffs from wood all the time, i like them with long little
spikes hanging,


That’s IT!! Thanks so much for that I had written it
down many years ago, and just couldn’t find it, but that’s the name,
now that I look inside the cuff again.

Thank You.
Cheers! Dinah.

Hi Dinah -

It might be Ross Lew Allen of Lewallen & Lewallen Jewlelry in Santa
Fe, NM. Their street address is 105 East Palace Ave, Santa Fe
87501. Their web site is They still make

Hope this helps.
Elaine Marie Clelland
EMC Designs

If by ear cuffs, you mean a band that slides over the top back of
the ear, I saw some for sale a few weeks ago at an Ohio Craftsman?
Winter Fair in Indianapolis.

marilyn smith