I thought that I had mentioned here that the earlets I referred to in
the thread on navel rings were finished, but the message doesn’t seem
to exist.

Anyway, I made two very small rings, tubes actually, and flared one
end out into a flower shape, which is supposed to rest against the
earlobe. They came out well enough, I suppose, but the lady tells me
they’re slightly uncomfortable. Oh well, it was interesting, and she
gets to keep them since she was a good sport about it and let me take

You may see them at Earlets if you
are interested. There are shots of the forming process, and a shot of
one being worn in her ear.

I regard the prospect of making larger ones with mixed feelings. It
would just be a regular ring, for me, but formed with the edges flared
out instead of trued to the cylindrical shape I normally shoot for.
Made the right size, it would go in like putting a button through a
buttonhole, I guess. If I get a buyer for some, I’ll be sure to take
another set of pictures, naturally.


lorenzo@intnet.net @Loren_S_Damewood1