Ear posts

If you put the cut ear post lengths in a Dremel or Foredom
handpiece and then spin it while lightly clamping it near the end
with round nose pliers you will make a groove to catch an ear
nut. Then you can take a cup burr and round off the end of the
post. Steve Brixner

Hey Betsy!

After you make the wire, then you make the bullet, the little
notch at the end. You do this by taking an old pair of nippers
and at the base of the cutting surface, try to cut the smallest
drill bit you have, (of course the same size as the earring
wire). This will notch the nippers very smoothly, and it this
notch you created in the nippers that will form the notch in the
earring wire. Be gentle with the gold or silver wire. Hope this
helps, Duane