Ear cuffs from sheet silver

I haven’t seen ear cuffs fabricated from sterling sheet in many
years. A potential customer came by my booth Sat. looking for them.
I never wore them as I was afraid I’d loose them. Years ago I
thoughtabout making some but didn’t. Has anyone made these?
Suggested ga? Someone suggested 24 or 26 ga. & thought her
silversmith husband had made some to hang things (feathers?) off of.
I guess just form them around a dowl stick or end of ring mandrel.
Any suggestions, ideas appreciated.


Sharon, I used to make some, using 26 or 24 gauge sheet, a piece
about 1.25 inches long and perhaps 1/4 inch wide. Of course, round
off the corners and make the ends and edges smooth (so they won’t
dig into the ear). After doing any texturing or drilling, I formed
the ear cuff around a 7/16 inch dowel. The ends should be about 1/8
inch apart.

If you’ve drilled a hole in it for hanging danglies, just make sure
they’re not too heavy. Two small jump rings for attaching the item
works better (I found) than one or none. it gives more fluidity.

Google “ear cuffs” and enjoy what they show. Wire ear cuffs are lots
of fun, too.

Judy Bjorkman

I made about thirty of these last summer as a special item for the
stage crew. I used 24 to almost 22 gauge silver. But what I did
instead of using sheet which would end up with very sharp edges, I
rolled out some round wire to the intended thickness. I had one ear
cuff from the crew that I used for the the basic circumference. I ten
added the design they wanted. I twist all my metal free hand using
round nose pliers. I have about as many round nose pliers of
different types as Gerry has gravers.

The biggest problem was getting them work hardened yet still have a
bit have a bit of give to put on. After shining them up, I tumbled
them for about an hour. Worked great without making them hard as
metal (pun intended). What you need to know is how heavy will it all
be. Once on the ear, the weight can pull it off without the wearer
noticing. What kind of activities will they be doing. One crew member
wanted a new one when she lost the last one while swimming. I told
her to take the new one off before swimming. What we take for granted
is not always what happens in reality.

Whats fun is each different crew then competed to see who could come
up with the better design or jewelry item for me to make as their
personal jewelry items. As I was making them all, I had fun with it.

Aggie, heading west in a couple of weeks.

Thank you Judy. I know what they look like, just haven’t seen any in
yrs. I appreciate your help. Sharon Perdasofpy


Thank you for the great info. My daughter asked Mr to make her an
ear cuff for her birthday, so the timing is perfect!

Donna W
Huntsville, AL

Hi Sharon I know the guy who patented the ear cuff decades ago, long
since expired.

He made them in fine silver. There is lots of info on the net even
how to make. From memory I think it was .7 mm thick sheet.

Believe it or not I found a PDF on ear cuffs in the computer.

When I googled “ear cuffs”, I came up with all sorts of interesting
ear jewelry.

Linda in central FL