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Dynamic Display Systems Cases

Hi Annette, I have been using DDS cases for over a year now and can
tell you my experience with them. Overall they are very nice
looking, contemporary and lightweight. They put together and take
down rather quickly and can be packed flat. I had a little trouble
when I first ordered them - the plexi sides had been cut too large
and were bowing when I tried to put them together but Paul and
Leslie at DDS are very accomodating and made everything right. The
set screw are kind of small and you need good light to tighten and
loosen them (could be my eyes are going too!!) and it is kind of a
pain in the but to tighten and loosen them with the little allen
wrench provided.

I have the double, angle topped cases. The drawbacks are that you
can not put anything on top or stack so your space is limited unless
you stack underneath. They look very nice, sleek and allow a lot of
light in, but the angled tops can sometimes cause problems with
glare. Also, they are not very deep and I always feel there is not
enough room to adequately display my items because of that. I have
many pendant stands that I purchased before I purchased the cases
that will not work inside because they are just not quite tall
enough at their tallest point.

Overall, I think the cases are very nice looking - easy enough to
put up and take down and very transportable.

I did order lights for one case from DDS, but I was not happy with
them. They are very obvious and take up a lot of visual space and
they are VERY EXPENSIVE! The angles cases have to be lit from the
side and I don’t think it quite works. You might want to look into
some other options for lighting. I ordered lights from Future
Designs out of Florida - they were less expensive and the guy
customized them and got them to me very quickly. They work just
fine. Take a look around the internet for other options. If you
would like their number, just let me know. Happy to help you
out. GRACE