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Dylan G Johnson - Jewelry Gallery

Denver, Colorado. USA

I believe in the spirit of old style craftsmanship combined with using today’s cutting edge technology and specialty finishing techniques to create works of art that blur the lines of design through the ages. There are some who simply like to go back to a certain time and design things similar to that era but I wish to move not backwards but ahead. While I am influenced by the Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th century I wish to combine the old with the new and go in new directions that create an entirely new movement for this millennium.

Materials: Copper, Opals
Dimensions: H: 0.25 x W: 3.50 x D: 15.00

I sought to combine both the ornamental Victorian look of the 19th century with the modern multifarious designs within the fantastically complex and decorative look of computer circuit board parts.

Photo credit: Artist picture