Dyeing Pearls

I am looking for a method for dyeing artificial pearls. I would like
to dye pastel colours like nacre and rose. I do not know very much
but what I know is that I must use alcohol-soluble pigments so that
after the pearls are dyed the colour doesn’t come off. The problem is
when I try to dye rose, the pigment available is alcohol-soluble and
at the same time water-soluble causing the colour to wash off after
dyeing. Is there any kind of natural pigment or method to achieve a
permanent light rose colour? What kind of pigments should I use?
(for example pigments for dyeing fabrics or any other industrial
pigments). Can anyone tell me a bit about the chemistry of dyeing
artificial pearls so that I would be able to buy the appropriate
pigment and use the appropriate method. I would be grateful if you do
not explain using brand names as I am living in Egypt and the things
we have are different from what you have. If I come to understand
the idea I will try to find the appropriate chemicals and pigments.
Thank You, Safwat Magdy

We were wondering a way to dye fresh-water pearls a different color.
What is the process? What materials are needed? How long does it
take? Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Wentworth and Sloan Jewelers
Chapel Hill, NC