Dust in resin

    My next major problem is DUST! I pour the resin, pick out any
dust flecks with a pin, and cover the pieces until cured. Still I
find dust! I'm using clear resin so it is noticable (at least to
me!) and it's driving me mad. Any tips? 

Studios tend to be dusty places, and since I hope you are using
proper ventilation to avoid poisoning yourself with the fumes these
processes produce, the ventilation will be picking up the dust and
depositing it everywhere. So, clean up your studio, and all of the
items you are using prior to starting, and consider a full
gas/particles mask as an alternative to a ventilation system during
the working process itself. Once you have your pieces safely covered
you can switch back to ventilation, but don’t take your mask off
until it’s been running for a decent interval. Incidentally, the pin
is probably introducing as much dust as it removes…

good luck and best wishes

I will relay a tip I got from a friend who went through Watch-maker
school- the first thing they had to get was a “cheese dome”, to keep
the dust from settling on their project overnight. Hope this helps, Betsy