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Dust collectors

hi all, i am getting ready to purchase some dust collection systems
for my new shop. i think that it would be difficult to convince my
new landlord to allow me to install a duct work system so i have bee
reading up on self contained units. the systems that seem to right
for me are, Quatro Velocity unit for dust collection and the Quatro
Solder Pure for the solder bench. i am hoping to get some feed back
on this subject, like: does anyone use these systems? do they work
well? does anyone have other suggestions? also, most of the jewelry
supply companies that sell these units do not seem to offer
accessories for the units. any info will be appreciated.

Gary roe

Hi Gary,

i think that it would be difficult to convince my new landlord to
allow me to install a duct work system so i have been reading up
on self contained units.

One other place to check are wood workers suppliers. Many of them
sell vacuum systems that use PVC pipe & flexible plastic tubing for
the duct work & have an assortment of various shapes of collectors
for the machines they’ll be used with. Many of the collectors have
dampers in them, so the opening can be closed when not in use.
Closing unused openings has the effect of concentrating the vacuum
where it’s being used.


Dave, Check out the quarto dust systems… excellent and very quiet
units. They came from the dental and graphic industry. They are
brushes units and have a circular filter system. You can use the
units with the current motor as well with 3in PVC pipe of flex hose.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Sales/ Tools and Technical
Stuller Inc.
337-262-7700 ext. 4194
337-262-7791 fax

Hi Gary,

I don’t know the size unit you are looking for but I have a 3hp
I*Shor dust collector with a new Baldor motor in it. The filter bags
are in great condition and I’ll include them with the box. It has
four vacuum ports and runs on 220.

I also have a polishing bench 51" x 31" x 2" butcher block with a
dual spindle 3/4hp redwing motor with lighted hoods mounted on it. On
a separate table is a 1/2hp split laper with light that is like new
also. I don’t know the size of your shop but this is an excellent set
up if you have the room. The box alone stands about 5ft tall and
about 3’w x 3’d. (approx.)

I live in Northern New Jersey… If you are interested I want $1800
for the whole set up… Or $1200 for just the dust collector.

You will need to pick up any of this that you want…Sorry, but I
will not ship it…


G’day; I suggest that anyone who uses or intends to use plastic
piping with a ventilation system should thread a length of bare
copper wire through the tube, earthed (grounded) at one end. Air and
small particles zipping through the pipe will generate an electric
charge that will build up to quite a high voltage, without such a
ground wire, and a resultant spark could set off an explosion.
Whilst there would be insuffient electric current to cause any harm
to the user, a resultant explosion in the pipe could be quite
nasty. All woodworkers are very aware of this hazard.

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ

The whole PVC pipe/static electricity/dust explosion risk is
overblown. There is a lower limit to the dust concentration before it
even begins to be possible to have a dust explosion. It works out to
about 3 lb. of fine dust per minute for a 1000 CFM dust collector.
I’d have a hard time generating that much fine dust in a minute using
any tool or even pair of tools in my woodshop, much less in the
jewelry shop. You should be far more concerned about sparks landing
in the dust pile and starting a fire. Here is a well researched
article, that discusses the issue.


I have seen large dust collectors catch on fire for apparently no
reason. If a ground wire is able to solve the static problem it is
well worth it if only for comfort. Personally I use the metal
flexible dryer hoses for piping to my box. It stays rigid for good
air flow, and is easy to pull apart should a piece get sucked into
the system.