Dust Collector

We have recently discussed polishing hoods and dust collection. I can’t find it, so I started another. Following is a link to a way for you to collect your polishing hood debris if you don’t have a way to exhaust it outside. Oneida Air makes a number of systems. I have an older Dust Deputy on my grinding bench and it works well…Rob


Hi Rob,

i have an old Vaniman dust collector…it came with, and connected to, a hose, which had a heavy, metal bench top funnel type fish mouth to work in front of…i found it very cumbersome and uncomfortable…

so! i went to my happy place, home depot, and cruised around in plumbing, looking for suitably sized and shaped rubber pipe/ hose connectors…then i sawed a round hole in a bench pin, and jacked the dust collector hose into that…i screwed one of those little metal mesh drain thingies over it to inhibit objects getting sucked down into the unit…

an important thing to note…to increase the suction to a broader area of coverage, a funnel shape is needed…i had a piece of very thick plexiglass cut and shaped…which i screwed onto the front of my bench pin…it is angled down a bit, over the suction hole…and bent in a bit on the sides…creating a funneled area, that i can still fit my hands around…

without a funnel, the suction is active only quite close to the hole (my unscientific explanation)

actually, i posted something awhile back explaining this phenomena…i will look for it and post it here if i find it…it was in reference to air flow and hoods…but same concept…




here they are!



Omg yes! Thank you!

I’m a bit confused by the $59 price and your link and the $189 price on their website before the necessary accessories.

I can’t tell who you are replying to…Rob