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Durston rolling mill repair

Hi all,

I belong to a local lapidary guild and we have an older Durston
rolling mill in our shop. (Don’t know the exact model but it’s a
combo mill with reduction gears and extension rollers.) It went
unused, and unloved, for several years but has recently been seeing
use again. During a recent class, someone got exuberant and managed
to snap a gear in half, that the mill then spit out the side cover.
Needless to say, while it only needed a bit of maintenance before, it
now needs a full out repair. In addition to replacing the broken
gear, and anything else that may have been damaged when that
happened, the rolls also need attention. They’re not awful but
there’s some surface rust and stuff that needs to be removed.

We’d prefer to find someone local to do the repair rather than
dealing with the cost and hassle of shipping it. We’re in Annapolis,
Maryland but anyone in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, or the
eastern half of Pennsylvania would work. Heck, if you know of someone
in the Mid-Atlantic period, please let me know.

Because of the broken gear, I don’t know if this is something a
reputable machine shop could handle or if we would be better off
shipping it to Durston for repair.

Thanks in advance, and have a lovely Christmas, Yule, Hanukah, or
whatever your celebratory bend!


Contact Durston directly, they have been a great company to work
with and I believe thy can help to get you the repair part and
possibly point you at a someone to service the mill in your area. If
you cannot find someone local then I highly recommend Otto Frei in
Oakland CA.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Hi Cheree,

It will be expensive to have a set of gears made up. Email me
picture of what you need and we will send to you. If you have no luck
we can regrind the rolls for you as well.

Matthew Durston
Durston Rolling Mills

I’ve said before and I will say it again. This is a great company.
Buy the best, buy a Durston. A very happy customer for many years.