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Dun and Bradstreet Credit Rating

Does anybody do business with Dun and Bradstreet? I have used their
services in the past for our credit report, but they seem to have
more incomplete or downright mis-Now they want big
bucks for their Annual Report, for “Investigation Queries”. I am
beginning to feel like this is a scam.

Any thoughts?

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
Jewelry/Metalarts School & Cooperative Studio

Dun & Bradstreet are very good for Clothing Industry & others. I
used them long ago. For Jewelry Industry use Jewelers Board of Trade

D&B is too big one div does not know from the other.

Had a buyer being sued by their collection div while their Credit
Div still had them OK



I had small business besides the jewelry business and my bank
suggested I check into Dun and Bradstreet. So I did , I picked up the
whole package deal .( monthly reports…Blah blah blah The only thing
I got out of the deal was constant solicitation from Gas
companies,Wells and investment groups. The reason why I know this is
because I gave my line 2 number and that’s the number I get theses
call from. This was 12 years ago and I still get these calls. I’m
not sure if they sell info to other entities or what. My other
business was Snap - On tools.

that crazy about Dun and Bradstreet

just my 2 cents
Tony @ Cecenas Jewelry

Dear Karen,

When I was wholesaling to department stores and boutiques my reps
would check a D & B report or usually a store would offer it to get
credit. They might be good the first time you send an order and then
be in the process of going bankrupt when they reorder and you never
get paid unless you spend the time to go collect in whatever state
and town they are in - in Small Claims Court. Who has time? The only
sure way to get paid is to have a C.O.D. policy with a money order
or cashier’s check. Don’t take a small store’s check unless you know
them personally. The check can bounce. The department stores were
always good to pay but always took the 90 days. I wouldn’t spend the
money on D & B. The person wanting the rating already has paid them
to be listed.

Good Luck,
Margaret in Oceanside, CA.

    Does anybody do business with Dun and Bradstreet?  I . . .  I
am beginning to feel like this is a scam. 

Hello Karen;

I got a call from D & B when I moved my business to NY, and I’d only
been there a couple months. I found it strange that they were
canvassing a business as small as mine was at the time. I think they
are just out to sell their services to anyone who will imagine that
being rated by this once venerable old concern adds some sort of
credibility to your business. Frankly, most people in the industry
are interested in the Jeweler’s Board of Trade rating of a business.
And as far as the banks are concerned, the big three credit reporting
agencies are mostly what they go by, TRW, Experian, etc.

David L. Huffman


I certainly agree with you. I have gotten calls from D and B over
the years and have always told them that I simply do not give out
financial on the phone.

The mere fact that they SAY they are reps of D and B is certainly a
red flag, After all, why should anybody believe that an
unidentifiable person on the phone should be the person thay purport
to be ? If you have established credit with reputable wholesalers
that is quite enough. Thereafter, your FICO score will open just
about any credit door assuming that you have a good rating.

And, while we are on the subject of phone calls, I wonder how many
of you are being increasingly pestered by those rotten time
stealers, the telemarketers. I wish JBT would step into that arena
and attempt to do something about the problem. In my view one’s
business phone is a vital tool for communication with customers.
When telemarketers tie up that line of communication they are
stealing from you ! The same thing is true of fax machines. I had
been getting so many spams on mine that I merely turn it off except
to receive something that I was expecting or to send in orders to
suppliers. What a shame it is that we have no control over
potentially very useful devices. Are we going backward or what ?

Ron at Mills Gem Company, Los Osos, Ca.

    The person wanting the rating already has paid them to be

Not true, I have been rated for 15-20 years, I have never paid them
a dime. You only pay when you want to check on someone else. Pat

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