Due to floods in Thailand Ganoksin suffers interruptions

The Ganoksin Project
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Jewelry Manufacturing Methods and Techniques


Thailand is currently facing its worst flooding in 50 years. Flood
waters have swamped more than two-thirds of the country, submerging
rice fields and shutting down hundreds of factories while over
900,000 families and businesses have been impacted and hundreds of
lives have been tragically lost.

We at Ganoksin are living the crisis day by day as waters are slowly
raising and flooding our home and office. Soon we expect to loose
the entire first floor to 2-3meters high floods.

We wish to thanks every and each one of you who have send us good
wishes, and to apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the
interruption in broadcasting Ganoksin.

You may, and should, keep posting to Orchid, we will do our best to
circulate your message as soon as we get a chance. Please rest assure
that we took all the precautions to ensure that the website is and
will remain online.

Also, We wish to remind you that the Rio Grande $10,000 giveaway is
still running, your ebook purchase will surely help Ganoksin survive
this terible crisis.


Yours Truly
Hanuman and Ton