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Dry Chapped Hand

There are many insults to skin in the shop, however the body usually
does a very good job of renewing the surface (it really is true that
we’re flaking off all the time!). On the other hand there are some
specific things to consider.

Anyone who is having difficulty with DRY, ITCHY, SCALEY skin, hair,
nails, eyes (especially including vaginal dryness for those who are
so constructed) and associated inflammatory changes should consider a
very simple and entirely harmless treatment. The secret, which is
totally overlooked by most of the medical world, is dietary
supplementation with OMEGA 3 essential fatty acids. The two major
sources are flax seed oil and fish oil.

Those who wish to try a course of therapy should take a LARGE amount
and evaluate the results in one month. Using the bottled, liquid oil
take about an ounce a day (avoid the capsules, you’d have to take
too many), I mix mine into my breakfast smoothie. Mark your calendar
and evaluate your symptoms in a month. If things are greatly improved
(about 80% of people are) Then you can try reducing the amount you
take each day.

I’d be glad to hear from any of you off line.

Dr. Mac

Dr. Mac,

You are right about the Omega 3’s, but one experience I had was
after taking them for 6 months “I” started to smell like a fish and
I did not like that. So, I stopped.


You are right about the Omega 3's, but one experience I had was
after taking them for 6 months "I" started to smell like a fish and
I did not like that. So, I stopped 

Jennifer, I’ve been taking them for years, and have not noticed any
"fishy’ smell about me. Maybe try a different brand or something?



Glad you found a benefit from the Omega 3. Lot’s of people find that
the fish oils give them a fishy aftertaste. There are some now that
have been successfully “deodorized”. On the other hand flax oil is
an excellent alternative for most people. It has the highest
concentration of Omega 3 of any food source and the taste can be
easily hidden (as in my breakfast smoothie). Some folks’ metabolism
benefits more from one than the other but I don’t know any way of

If you were Omega 3 deficient and haven’t changed your diet your
symptoms will come back in due time.

Sorry I won’t be in Tucson this year but prepare yourself for an
incredibly stimulating time!

Dr. Mac

Hello Orchidland,

Dr. Mac’s endorsement of adding Omega 3 oils to your diet made me
remember how important it is to hydrate yourself. I’m terribly remiss
on this. When I do drink enough water, the dry skin doesn’t seem as

Just a thought from Judy in Kansas