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Drusy and plating

Has anyone had any experience in plating metal that has a drusy
cabachon set in it?

The client had me make the neck piece in sterling but now wants gold
but the budget won’t go there so I’ll plate.

I’ve searched the archives but there’s nothing regarding this
specific question. I am aware that plating drusy (titanium coating
etc) itself is a different process to plating metal but am wondering
if the drusy would be damaged by the metal plating process. Yes I
know you can plate with stones in place so logic (?) says it would
be fine but am still a little concerned.

Do I go ahead or unset the drusy first and redesign the setting from
bezel to prongs in gold?

Thanking you.

The druzy will be conductive because of the thin metal coating so
you do not want to plate with it in situ unless to use a suitable
stop out over it. The traditional stopping is “Lacomit” varnish.
Removing the stone would be preferable.

Nick Royall