Drug & medicinal bottles

Instead of having all of your little tools and soldering equipment sitting all over your bench, look at what I do with them now!

Some of these bottles were meant for “other” professional uses…:wink:

You can guess what I mean, but they are now very useful for “us”!

On each bottle, I wrote on the front what the contents are, no more guessing!

Such as 10, 14, 18 karat YELLOW-solder! Now do the same for your WHITE-solder!

You can also write your other needs!

As for me, I use them for my wax-carving tools & my felt-marking pens!

These are only my ideas, :books:as you might have your own…just enjoy!!

Regards to everyone, everywhere!


Gerry, on my iPhone


Great minds! I do this all the time. In fact I’ve got so many things squirreled away in pill bottles that sometimes it takes a minute to find the actual pills… :rofl:

I use empty Altoid boxes…Rob

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In this photo, I use pill containers of all shapes and sizes.
Some of my containers were used for other “original” uses. Your guessing is allowed as my physician knows best!

“Gerry, on my busy, iPhone”

I’ve always wanted to mount pill bottles to make a hanging organizer as seen with jars…

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:heart_eyes: Great set up! Thank you for sharing @gerrylewy18 I use them as “caps” at the bottom of PVC pipes to house and organize my files. Limited only by your imagination! :fire: